Economic growth, GDP and value added by region; national accounts

Economic growth, GDP and value added by region; national accounts

Economic sectors (SIC 2008) Regions Periods GDP, volume changes (%)
A-U All economic activities The Netherlands 2019* 1.7
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing The Netherlands 2019*
B Mining and quarrying The Netherlands 2019*
B-E Industry (no construction), energy The Netherlands 2019*
C Manufacturing The Netherlands 2019*
D Energy supply The Netherlands 2019*
E Water supply and waste management The Netherlands 2019*
F Construction The Netherlands 2019*
G-I Trade, transport, hotels, catering The Netherlands 2019*
J Information and communication The Netherlands 2019*
K Financial institutions The Netherlands 2019*
L Renting, buying, selling real estate The Netherlands 2019*
M-N Business services The Netherlands 2019*
O-Q Government and care The Netherlands 2019*
R-U Culture, recreation, other services The Netherlands 2019*
Source: CBS.
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This table contents information of the Regional accounts.
Regional accounts give a description of the economic process in the regions of a country in conformity with the national accounts. Elements in the economic process distinguished in national accounts are production, distribution of income, spending and financing. Regional accounts focus on the description of the production processes in the various regions.
The new Standard Industrial Classification 2008 (SIC 2008) is used in the National and Regional Accounts of the Netherlands.
This code is based on the European classification Nomenclature générale des Activités économiques dans la Communauté Européenne (NACE Rev. 2) which is used in all Member States of the European Union.

Data available from: 1996
Status of the figures:
The figures of year 1996 up to and including 2018 are final and of the year 2019 are provisional.
The revision of the National accounts has been completed for all the years.
Now long distance time series for the period 1996-2019 are available.

Changes as of September 25th 2020:
The figures of the year 2018 are final and the provisional year 2019 is added. As of today the official style of writing of the province of Friesland has been changes in Fryslân.
Statistics Netherlands has carried out a revision of the national accounts recently. New statistical sources and estimation methods have been used during the revision. This table provides the data after revision. For further information see section 3.

When will new figures be published?
The flash estimation of the provisional year 2020 will be published in April 2021.

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