Business confidence; to regions

Business confidence; to regions

Margins Regions Periods Business confidence (%)
Value Groningen (PV) 2021 4th quarter* 14.8
Lower bound 95% confidence interval Groningen (PV) 2021 4th quarter* 9.8
Upper bound 95% confidence interval Groningen (PV) 2021 4th quarter* 19.9
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures on business confidence. Business confidence is a mood indicator that indicates the direction in which the economy (the gross domestic product, GDP) is expected to develop. When assessing the outcomes, it can be assumed that the more optimistic or pessimistic the entrepreneurs are, the more the value of business confidence will deviate positively or negatively from the zero line and the greater the expectation is that the development of the GDP in the coming months will increase or decrease.
Business confidence in a province is a weighted average of the confidence indicators of the underlying industries / sectors that together form a representative reflection of the total Dutch business community.

Data available from: 1st Quarter 2014

Changes as of November 12, 2021:
The results for fourth quarter 2021 have been added.
The national business confidence is no longer part of this table as some of its methodological aspects differ from the provincial variant. During 2022 the different versions of this indicator will be harmonized.

When will new figures be published?
The results for first quarter 2022 are expected to be published mid-February 2022.

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Business confidence
Business confidence
Sentiment indicator for private enterprises for the short-term development of the gross domestic product based on opinions and expectations of private companies.