Vacancy indicator 1999-2023

Vacancy indicator 1999-2023

Sector/branches Periods Vacancy indicator (%)
F Construction 2022 July 0.38
F Construction 2022 August 0.29
F Construction 2022 September 0.18
F Construction 2022 October 0.08
F Construction 2022 November -0.01
F Construction 2022 December -0.09
F Construction 2023 January** -0.15
F Construction 2023 February** -0.19
F Construction 2023 March** -0.23
F Construction 2023 April** -0.26
F Construction 2023 May** -0.29
F Construction 2023 June* -0.32
Source: CBS.
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The vacancy indicator, which includes all economic activities, is a weighted arithmetic average of the vacancy indicators of the manufacturing industry, the construction industry and commercial services. These (partial) vacancy indicators are derived from different variables of the monthly Business Survey (COEN) conducted by Statistics Netherlands and the Economic Institute for Construction (EIB). The vacancy indicator gives a quick indication of the direction in which private sector vacancies are expected to develop.

Data available from January 1999 until and including 2023.

Status of the figures:
The published results are definitive.

Changes as of February 15th 2024:
This table has been discontinued as of 15-2-2024 for methodological reasons and has been replaced by the table Employment indicator; to sector/branches. See paragraph 3.

When will the new figures be published?
Does not apply anymore.

Description topics

Vacancy indicator
The vacancy indicator, which includes all economic activities, gives an indication of the direction in which the vacancies are expected to develop according to the entrepreneurs. The more optimistic or pessimistic the entrepreneurs are about the development of vacancies, the more the value of the vacancy indicator will deviate positively or negatively from the zero line and the greater the expectation that the vacancies will increase or decrease. The vacancy indicator can have a value that varies between -3 and +3 percent.