Compensation of employees, employment; quarterly, National Accounts

Compensation of employees, employment; quarterly, National Accounts

Sector/branches (SIC 2008) Periods
A-U All economic activities 2021 3rd quarter*
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing 2021 3rd quarter*
B-E Industry (no construction), energy 2021 3rd quarter*
C Manufacturing 2021 3rd quarter*
F Construction 2021 3rd quarter*
G-I Trade, transport, hotels, catering 2021 3rd quarter*
J Information and communication 2021 3rd quarter*
K Financial institutions 2021 3rd quarter*
L Renting, buying, selling real estate 2021 3rd quarter*
M-N Business services 2021 3rd quarter*
78 Employment activities 2021 3rd quarter*
O-Q Government and care 2021 3rd quarter*
O Public administration and services 2021 3rd quarter*
P Education 2021 3rd quarter*
Q Health and social work activities 2021 3rd quarter*
R-U Culture, recreation, other services 2021 3rd quarter*
Source: CBS.
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This table provides annual and quarterly data about the compensation of employees, the wage costs and the labour volume of employees. Compensation of employees is classified in wages and salaries and employers' social contributions. The wage costs are the total of wages, social contributions paid by employers and taxes on wage costs minus wage cost subsidies. The labour volume is given in jobs (by sex), full-time equivalent (fte) and hours worked. The seasonal adjusted time series about the compensation of employees and the wages & salaries are also available in this table. The table additionally provides the compensation of employees, wages and salaries and wage costs related to full-time equivalents and hours worked.

Data available from: 1995 first quarter

Status of the figures:
Data from 1995 up to and including 2018 are final. Data of 2019 and further are provisional.

Changes as of December 24th 2021:
Data of the second estimate of the third quarter 2021 have been added to the table.

When will new figures be published?
The preliminary estimate (flash estimate) of a quarter is released within 45 days. The second estimate is published after 85 days. At the second estimate of the fourth quarter, data of the previous three quarters will also be revised.

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