Government; Taxes and social contributions

Government; Taxes and social contributions

Taxes and social contributions Periods Taxes and social contributions (million euros)
Total taxes and social contributions 2022 3rd quarter* 82,601
Total taxes 2022 3rd quarter* 54,892
Corporate income tax 2022 3rd quarter* 7,913
Personal income tax 2022 3rd quarter* 2,159
Value added tax (VAT) 2022 3rd quarter* 17,343
Wage tax 2022 3rd quarter* 15,273
Advertising tax 2022 3rd quarter* 9
Air travel tax 2022 3rd quarter* 52
Animal wellbeing tax 2022 3rd quarter* 2
Benefit tax 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Betting and lottery tax 2022 3rd quarter* 196
Business investment zone tax 2022 3rd quarter* 5
Civil aviation noise pollution tax 2022 3rd quarter* 1
Coal tax 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Commuter tax 2022 3rd quarter* 9
Deposit Guarantee Scheme tax 2022 3rd quarter* 250
Dividend tax 2022 3rd quarter* 875
Dog-license tax 2022 3rd quarter* 11
Employer payroll tax 2022 3rd quarter* 72
Energy tax 2022 3rd quarter* -291
Groundwater and landfill tax (Provinces) 2022 3rd quarter* 3
Groundwater tax (State) 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Inheritance and gift tax 2022 3rd quarter* 470
Insurance premium tax 2022 3rd quarter* 760
Motor vehicle tax 2022 3rd quarter* 1,525
Packaging tax 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Passenger car and motorcycle 2022 3rd quarter* 355
Real estate tax 2022 3rd quarter* 1,213
Real estate transfer tax 2022 3rd quarter* 990
Rental housing tax 2022 3rd quarter* 190
Resolution tax 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Surplus manure tax 2022 3rd quarter* 1
Sustainable energy surcharge 2022 3rd quarter* 757
Tap water tax 2022 3rd quarter* 80
Tax on non-alcoholic drinks 2022 3rd quarter* 112
Tax on raising of equity capital 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Tax revenue from Caribbean Netherlands 2022 3rd quarter* 61
Tourist tax 2022 3rd quarter* 107
Wealth tax 2022 3rd quarter* 0
Other taxes 2022 3rd quarter* 53
Source: CBS.
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This table contains information on the taxes and social contributions collected by the general government sector. The terms and definitions used are in accordance with the framework of the National Accounts. The National Accounts are based on the international definitions of the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). The taxes and social contributions are not categorised according to the ESA but broken down into national schemes. The time of recording is in congruence with the accrual principle. Small temporary differences with publications of National Accounts may occur due to the fact that government finance statistics are sometimes more up to date.

Data available from:
Yearly figures from 1995, quarterly figures for the taxes from 2008 and quarterly figures for the social contributions from 1999.

Status of the figures:
The figures for the period 1995-2019 are final. The quarterly figures for 2020 are provisional. The annual figures for 2020 are final. The figures for 2021 and 2022 are provisional.

Changes as of 23 December 2022:
The figures for the third quarter of 2022 are available.

When will new figures be published?
Initial quarterly figures are published three months after the end of the quarter. In September the figures on the first quarter are revised, in December the figures on the second quarter are revised and in March the first three quarters are revised. Yearly figures are published for the first time three months after the end of the year concerned. Yearly figures are revised two times: 6 and 18 months after the end of the year. Please note that there is a possibility that adjustments might take place at the end of March or September, in order to provide the European Commission with the most actual figures. Revised yearly figures are published in June each year. Quarterly figures are aligned to the three revised years at the end of June.
More information on the revision policy of National Accounts can be found under 'relevant articles' under paragraph 3.

Description topics

Taxes and social contributions
Taxes and social contributions (receivable).

Taxes and social contributions received by the general government sector.

Taxes: Compulsory unrequited transactions that are levied by the general government sector and the European Union. This table presents an overview of the taxes categorised by type. In accordance with ESA 2010, taxes encompass taxes on production and imports (D2), current taxes on income and wealth (D5) and capital taxes (D91).

Social contributions: Compulsory and voluntary contributions to social security schemes, paid by employers, employees, the self-employed and inactive persons. The social contributions in this table are presented by type and correspond with the ESA 2010 classifications for employers' actual social contributions (D611) and households' actual social contributions (D613).