GDP, output and expenditures; value, Quarterly National Accounts

GDP, output and expenditures; value, Quarterly National Accounts

Type of data Periods Production approach to GDP Value added basic prices Total (million euros)
Prices of 2015 2023 2nd quarter* 187,083
Prices of 2015 seasonally adjusted 2023 2nd quarter* 182,970
Current prices 2023 2nd quarter* 236,686
Current prices, seasonally adjusted 2023 2nd quarter* 232,172
Source: CBS.
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This table provides data from Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) of Statistics The Netherlands. It contains quarterly and annual data on production, expenditures, income and external economic transactions of The Netherlands.

Data available from 1995.

Status of the figures:
Annual data of the period 1995-2021 are final. Quarterly data of 2021, 2022 and 2023 are provisional.

Changes as of September 22nd 2023:
Data of the final estimate on the second quarter of 2023 have been added to this table. Figures for 2022 have been revised as a result of updated information on the government accounts. The revisions have an impact on several transactions and balancing items.

Adjustments as of December 23rd, 2022:
Data on the financial services indirectly measured (fisim) in the second quarter of 2022 were not correct. This impacts gdp and several underlying components in both in current prices and prices of 2015. They are adjusted in this version.

Adjustments as of October 21st, 2022:
The latest data on seasonal and working day adjusted data in the period 1999-2009 for some time series in the structure of the national net lending or net borrowing were not included in this table. In this new version, these data are included.

When will new figures be published?
The preliminary estimate (flash estimate) of a quarter is released within 45 days. The second estimate is published after 85 days. At the second estimate of the fourth quarter, data of the previous three quarters will also be revised. If (new) annual figures become available in June, the quarterly figures will be revised again to bring them in line with the annual figures. Please note that there is a possibility that adjustments might take place at the end of March or September, in order to provide the European Commission with the latest figures.

Description topics

Production approach to GDP
The way GDP is formed by underlying components in the so-called production approach. In this approach GDP equals the sum of value added over all branches (including non-commercial ones). Value added is thereby registered at basic prices. GDP at market prices is obtained by adding taxes less subsidies on production and the difference between imputed and paid VAT. The included taxes and subsidies apply both to produced and imported goods and services. Examples of these are VAT and taxes on import.
Value added basic prices
The value of all goods and services produced (production value or output), minus those that have been intermediately used upon production (intermediate consumption). Value added is rated at basic prices: purchaser's prices minus trade and transport margins and taxes on products paid and plus subsidies on products received. Intermediate consumption is rated at purchaser's prices minus non-deductible VAT.
Included is the output by all kind-of-activity units residing in the Netherlands, also those that are held by foreign owners.
Net value added can be obtained by deducting consumption of fixed capital from gross value added.