GDP, output and expenditures; value, Quarterly National Accounts

This table provides data from Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) of Statistics The Netherlands. It contains quarterly and annual data on production, expenditures, income and external economic transactions of The Netherlands.

Data available from 1995.

Status of the figures:
The figures of the period 1995-2017 are final. Data of 2018, 2019 and 2020 are provisional.

Changes as of June 24th 2020:
Data of the final estimate of 2020q1 have been added to this table.

Adjustments as of August 14th 2019:
In the previous version, quarterly data of the breakdown of gross fixed capital formation by sectors, by type of activa and by destination of the period 2016-2019 have been calculated incorrectly. This has been adjusted in this version.

When will new figures be published?
The preliminary estimate (flash estimate) of a quarter is released within 45 days. The second estimate is published after 85 days. At the second estimate of the fourth quarter, data of the previous three quarters will also be revised.

GDP, output and expenditures; value, Quarterly National Accounts

Type of data Periods Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsTotal (million euros) Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsTextiles and wearing apparel (million euros) Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsShoes, leather and related products (million euros) Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsHome furnishing and home decoration (million euros) Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsElectrical equipment (million euros) Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsTransport equipment and parts (million euros) Consumption of goodsDurable consumer goodsOther durable consumer goods (million euros)
Prices of 2015 2020 1st quarter* 15,326 3,134 812 4,023 2,808 2,711 1,905
Prices of 2015 seasonally adjusted 2020 1st quarter* . . . . . . .
Current prices 2020 1st quarter* 15,611 3,159 806 4,204 2,502 2,948 1,992
Current prices, seasonally adjusted 2020 1st quarter* . . . . . . .
Source: CBS.
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