Caribbean Netherlands; consumer price index (CPI) 2017=100

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This table contains the individual consumer price indices (CPIs) for Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba, the three islands that constitute 'special municipalities' of the Netherlands. The consumer price indices reflect the price development of goods and services purchased by the average households of the island concerned. Besides the consumer price index, the table also includes the average year-on-year change of the CPI. The table also contains the percentage change of the CPI on the previous quarter. These numbers are available for 12 product groups of which the weighting coefficient is also shown. The weighting coefficient reflects the share of each product group in total consumer expenditure.

Data available from: 1st quarter 2010

Status of the figures:
All quarter figures are provisional when first published. Definite figures are provided when the next period is published.

Changes per 15 July 2020:
The figures for the first quarter of 2020 are definite and figures for the second quarter of 2020 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will be published in October 2020.

Caribbean Netherlands; consumer price index (CPI) 2017=100

Spending category Caribbean Netherlands Periods Consumer price index (CPI) (2017=100)
070000 Transport Bonaire 2020 2nd quarter* 112.33
070000 Transport St. Eustatius 2020 2nd quarter* 104.10
070000 Transport Saba 2020 2nd quarter* 104.87
Source: CBS.
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