Livestock manure; production, transport and use, key figures

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This table comprises information about livestock manure production and production of nitrogen and phosphate in manure. It also includes data on excreted nitrogen that evaporates as ammonia and other nitrogen compounds or is removed as rinsing water from air scrubbers. The use of nitrogen and phosphate in agricultural holdings is calculated from the manure production and the difference between supply and removal of manure. The use of manure is related to the available spreading area based on fertilising standards.

Data available from: 1950.

Status of the figures:
Final figures;
New insights in calculation methodologies can lead to recalculation of the time series.

Changes as of 15 february 2023:
Final data on manure transport, manure use and transport outside agriculture in 2021 have been added. Provisional figures on manure production in 2022 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
In the second quarter of 2023 final data on manure production in 2022 will be published.

Description topics

Excretion during housing
Excretion of manure and nutrients in livestock buildings. In case of manure, the amount of manure (feces en urine) stored in livestock buildings and in manure storages outside livestock buildings after several months of storage, including spilled feed, cleaning water and spilled drinking water. Including manure from grazing livestock. In case of nitrogen (N), the amount of nitrogen excreted without subtraction of nitrogen losses in the form of ammonia (NH3) including removal with effluent from air scrubbers, nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen oxide (NO) en nitrogen gas (N2) and in case of phosphate, the excretion of phosphate (P2O5).
Nitrogen losses in housing and storages
Emissions of ammonia (NH3), nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen gas (N2) expressed as nitrogen (N) from livestock buildings and manure storages, including nitrogen removal with effluent from air scrubbers.
Total nitrogen losses (N)
Ammonia emissions (N)
Emission of ammonia from livestock buildings and manure storages to ambient air, expressed as nitrogen (N).
Other gaseous nitrogen losses (N)
Gaseous losses of other nitrogen compounds (N2O, NO, N2), expressed as nitrogen (N).
Effluent air scrubbers (N)
Ammonia removed with effluent from air scrubbers, expressed as nitrogen (N).
Use of livestock manure in agriculture
Use of nitrogen and phosphate in animal manure on agricultural holdings. Use is calculated as production of manure on agricultural holdings plus supply of manure to agricultural holdings minus removal of manure from agricultural holdings. The use of manure comprises the spreading of stored manure by means of application techniques and the manure produced by livestock during grazing.