New dwellings; input price indices building costs 2015=100

New dwellings; input price indices building costs 2015=100

Cost components Periods Changes compared to one year earlier (%)
Total building costs 2021 November 6.3
Total building costs 2021 December 5.6
Total building costs 2022 January* 7.5
Total building costs 2022 February* 8.0
Total building costs 2022 March* 9.6
Total building costs 2022 April* 10.7
Total building costs 2022 May* 10.5
Total building costs 2022 June* 9.1
Total building costs 2022 July* 8.7
Total building costs 2022 August* 9.0
Total building costs 2022 September* 9.6
Total building costs 2022 October* 9.0
Wages 2021 November 0.1
Wages 2021 December -0.8
Wages 2022 January* 2.2
Wages 2022 February* 2.2
Wages 2022 March* 1.7
Wages 2022 April* 2.2
Wages 2022 May* 2.2
Wages 2022 June* 2.2
Wages 2022 July* 2.2
Wages 2022 August* 3.3
Wages 2022 September* 4.6
Wages 2022 October* 4.2
Building materials 2021 November 12.5
Building materials 2021 December 12.1
Building materials 2022 January* 12.8
Building materials 2022 February* 13.8
Building materials 2022 March* 17.3
Building materials 2022 April* 18.9
Building materials 2022 May* 18.4
Building materials 2022 June* 15.6
Building materials 2022 July* 14.7
Building materials 2022 August* 14.2
Building materials 2022 September* 14.2
Building materials 2022 October* 13.3
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table contains monthly figures on the input price index of new dwellings; input price indices building costs to monitor the costs of new dwellings (labour and materials) in the Netherlands.

An input price index is determined on the basis of price changes of the various cost components making up the product - in this case a new dwelling.
Changes in the prices of building equipment (tools and machinery), general costs, profit and risk are not included in the input price index. Other cost components, such as energy and transport, are also not taken into account as their influence on the final cost price is relatively modest. Land costs are also not included in the index.

Data available from: January 2012

Status of the figures:
The figures of the wages and total building costs are definite up to and including the year 2021.
The figures of the building materials are definite up to and including six months from the most recent reported month.

Changes as of November 30th, 2022:
Figures of October 2022 have been added. The figures of the building materials of May have become definite.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will be published at the end of December 2022.

Description topics

Changes compared to one year earlier
Year-on-year change, expressed as a percentage. The price index of a period compared with the price index of the same period one year earlier.

The year-on-year changes of the price indices of the series 2010=100 is calculated based on unrounded price indices. The percentages mentioned in the table from 1990 with 2000 as base year are based on rounded price indices until review period January 2013. Therefore the year-on-year development can differ from the percentages provided in this table. From 2013 on, the year-on-year developments in both tables are calculated on unrounded price indices.