Manufacturing; stocks of finished goods, 2015=100

Manufacturing; stocks of finished goods, 2015=100

Periods Indices stocks of finished goods (2015=100)
2021 March 102.0
2021 April 99.9
2021 May 104.0
2021 June 96.0
2021 July 102.7
2021 August 103.5
2021 September 100.2
2021 October* 101.2
2021 November* 101.4
2021 December* 103.3
2022 January* 103.0
2022 February* 105.6
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table presents information about developments in stocks of finished goods in the manufacturing industry, SIC 2008 section C. The results are expressed in terms of indices with base year 2015. Year-on-year changes are also published.

Data available from: January 2012.

Status of the figures:
Stocks of finished goods: the five most recent months are provisional.

Changes as of 28 April 2022:
The provisional figures of the month February 2022 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
The first provisional figures are published within approximately 55 calendar days after the reporting month.

Description topics

Indices stocks of finished goods
An index compares the value of a variable (e.g. stock) in a certain period with the value of the same variable in the base period. The index of this base period is 100.

Stocks of finished goods:
Volume of stocks of finished goods. Stocks of finished goods equal the balance sheet value of a manufacturing company. Correction for price changes results in the volume of stocks finished goods.