Wholesale trade; turnover change, index 2015=100

Wholesale trade; turnover change, index 2015=100

Sector/branches (SIC 2008) Periods Turnover year-on-year change (%)
46 Wholesale trade (no motor vehicles) 2022 3rd quarter 20.6
462-469 Wholesale 2022 3rd quarter 20.4
462 Wholesale of agricultural products 2022 3rd quarter 27.3
4621 Wholesale of grain, seeds etc. 2022 3rd quarter 34.3
4622 Wholesale of flowers and plants 2022 3rd quarter 0.1
463 Wholesale of food and beverages 2022 3rd quarter 16.8
4631 Wholesale of vegetables, potatoes 2022 3rd quarter 14.1
4633 Wholesale dairy products, fats etc 2022 3rd quarter 30.8
4634 Wholesale of beverages 2022 3rd quarter 21.8
4639 Non-specialised wholesale of food 2022 3rd quarter 12.9
464 Wholesale of consumergoods 2022 3rd quarter 7.6
4642 Wholesale of clothes, shoes etc 2022 3rd quarter 9.3
4643 Wholesale consumer electronics etc 2022 3rd quarter 15.2
4646 Wholesale of medical goods 2022 3rd quarter -2.4
465 Wholesale of ICT-equipment 2022 3rd quarter 23.3
4651 Wholesale of computers and software 2022 3rd quarter 16.3
4652 Wholesale of other electronics 2022 3rd quarter 33.7
466 Wholesale of other machinery 2022 3rd quarter 15.1
467 Other specialised wholesale 2022 3rd quarter 33.1
4671 Wholesale of mineral oils 2022 3rd quarter 65.9
4672 Wholesale of metals and metal ores 2022 3rd quarter 5.3
4673 Wholesale of construction materials 2022 3rd quarter 0.9
4674 Wholesale of hardware etc. 2022 3rd quarter 16.5
4675 Wholesale of chemical products 2022 3rd quarter 11.0
Source: CBS.
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This table presents information on the development in turnover in the sector Wholesale trade (ISIC 2008 codes 46). The figures are expressed as a year-on-year mutation which expresses growth relative to the same period in the preceding year and by means of an index. In this table the base year is updated to 2015.
Data available from: first quarter 2005.

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The figures of a calendar year will become definitive no later than five months after the end of that calendar year. Until then, the figures in this table will be 'provisional' and can still be adjusted as a result of corrected response.

Once definite figures have been published, Statistics Netherlands will only apply adjustments if significant corrections are necessary.

Changes as of November 30st, 2022:
Figures 2022 third quarter have been added.

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As a rule quarterly statistics are published on the last working day of the second month after the quarter.

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Turnover year-on-year change
Change in turnover indicates the growth rate with respect to the same quarter of the previous year as a percentage. Statistics Netherlands calculates this on the basis of non-rounded figures.

Turnover is defined as the value of sales of goods and services to third parties, VAT excluded. Turnover includes the main activity as well as secondary activities. Third parties are consumers and enterprises not belonging to (the Dutch part of) the own group of companies.