Plant protection products; sales by weight by productgroup

Plant protection products; sales by weight by productgroup

Plant protection products Periods Sales active ingredient (1000 kg) Sales active ingredient (indexnumber) (2011=100)
Total of all active subtances 2020 9,841 90
F Fungicides and bactericides 2020 3,965 93
H Herbs and mosses. Inclusive haulm... 2020 2,607 87
I Insecticides and acaricides 2020 2,386 125
M Molluscicides 2020 16 80
PGR Plant growth regulators 2020 560 272
ZR Other plant protection products 2020 307 20
F01 Inorganic fungicides 2020 143 110
F02 Fung. carbamates , dithiocarbamates 2020 2,293 98
F03 Fungicides benzimidazoles 2020 97 90
F04 Fungicides, imidazoles, triazoles 2020 325 191
F05 Fungicides based on morpholines 2020 40 40
F06 Fungicides of microbiol, botanic. 2020 3 592
F07 Bactericides 2020 13 103
F99 Other fungicides 2020 1,051 76
H01 Herbicides phenoxy-phytohormones 2020 269 65
H02 Herbicides triazines, triazinones 2020 319 100
H03 Herbicides, amides, anilides 2020 253 81
H04 Herbicides carbamates, bis-carba... 2020 133 52
H05 Herbicides dinitroaniline derivates 2020 139 174
H06 Herb urea, uracil, sulfonylurea 2020 72 57
H99 Other herbicides 2020 1,423 94
I01 Insecticides based on pyrethroids 2020 13 143
I02 Insecticides chlorinated hydrocar... 2020 3
I03 Insecticides based on carbamat, ... 2020 69 72
I04 Insecticides based on organopho... 2020 1 2
I05 Insecticides microbiol., botanic. 2020 14 305
I06 Acaricides 2020 3 110
I99 Other insecticides 2020 2,283 133
M01 Molluscicides 2020 16 80
PGR01 Physiological plant growth re... 2020 542 270
PGR02 Anti-sprouting products 2020 18 336
PGR03 Other plant growth regulators 2020
ZR01 Mineral oils 2020
ZR02 Vegetal oils 2020 57 795
ZR03 Soil sterilants (incl. nematicides) 2020 159 10
ZR04 Rodenticides 2020 0
ZR99 All other plant protection products 2020 90 12,563
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table contains data on the sales of plant protection products (placed on the market) by the agrochemical industry of the Netherlands.
These products are sold to and used by holdings in sectors like agriculture, horticulture and industry, municipalities and governmental organisations.
Plant protection products are sold (and used) to control diseases, insect plagues or weeds and the
annual amounts of sales is expressed as the weight of the active substance.

The figures are given of six major groups: fungicides and bactericides (F); herbicides, haulm destructors and moss killers (H); insecticides and acaricides (I); molluscicides (M); plant growth regulators (PGR); other plant protection products (ZR). These six major groups are subdivided in 31 categories of products. Each active substance is in only one major group or only one category of products.

Data available from: 2010

Status of the figures:
All the figures are definitive.

Changes as of 16 September 2022:
Definitive figures of 2020 have been added.
During quality control it appeared that the index figures were wrongly shown by a technical mistake, if the index is higher than 999.
It happened at I05 2015 and ZR99 2018-2020. This is restored.

Changes as of 12 April 2022:
There are revised salesdata for 4 substances received. This results in revision of total 2010-2020, major groups F en H 2010-2020 and category of products F99 and H99 2010-2020. Major group PGR needed revision for 2019. Category of products PGR01 changes only in 2019 and H04 only in 2020.

Changes as of 31 March 2022:
The underlying coding of classifications (Plant protection products) used in this table has been adjusted.
It is now in line with the standard encoding defined by CBS.
The structure and data of the table have not been adjusted.

Changes as of 31 January 2022:
- Provisional figures of 2020 have been added.

Changes as of 28 May 2021:
- Definitive figures of 2019 have been added.
- Because of changes in the authorisations figures of 2010-2018 for mineral oils have been improved to paraffin oil. This results in a decrease of sales at Other plant protection, while on the other hand there is an increase at Insecticides. Total sales stays the same.
- The sales of microbiological compounds have been included in 2010-2018. This gives a (small) increase at Fungicides and Insecticides.
- Index 2010-2018 is corrected to nothing (empty) for categories of products which were not authorised in 2011.
- The international codes have been adjusted to the names of substances to be more explicit about the name.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures over 2021 for major group and category of products will become available at January 2023.

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