Consumer prices; European harmonised price index 2015=100 (HICP)

Consumer prices; European harmonised price index 2015=100 (HICP)

Expenditure categories Periods HICP (2015 = 100) HICP- CT (2015 = 100) Year-on-year change HICP (%) Year-on-year change HICP -CT (%)
044200 Refuse collection 2021 120.90 102.35 8.8 0.0
050000 Furnishing, household equipment… 2021 107.10 106.96 2.6 2.6
051110 Household furniture 2021 112.82 112.82 5.9 5.9
052000 Household textiles 2021 108.41 108.41 -1.0 -1.0
053000 Household appliances 2021 107.11 107.11 2.8 2.8
053100 Major household appliances… 2021 106.14 106.14 4.0 4.0
053190 Other major household appliances 2021
053200 Small el. household appliances 2021 106.37 106.37 0.1 0.1
053300 Repair of household appliances 2021 123.85 123.85 -1.2 -1.2
055000 Equipment for house and garden 2021 94.74 94.74 0.6 0.6
056000 Routine household maintenance 2021 110.39 109.84 1.9 1.9
056100 Non-durable household goods 2021 103.15 103.15 1.0 1.0
056120 Non-durable small house. articles 2021 110.58 110.58 2.3 2.3
056200 Domestic and household services 2021 114.87 113.93 2.4 2.4
072000 Use of personal transport equip. 2021 116.40 114.24 10.6 10.1
091400 Recording media 2021 102.19 102.19 -1.5 -1.5
091410 Pre-recorded recording media 2021 96.31 96.31 -1.6 -1.6
091420 Unrecorded recording media 2021
091490 Other recording media 2021 101.15 101.15 -1.8 -1.8
094220 Museums, libraries, zoos 2021 119.28 116.00 2.6 2.6
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table includes figures on the price developments of a package of goods and services purchased by the average Dutch household. The figures are consistent with European directives also known as the harmonised consumer price index (HICP). In all member states of the European Union (EU), these indices are compiled in a similar manner to facilitate comparison between the various EU countries.

This table also contains the HICP at constant taxes: this price index excludes the effect of changes in the rates of product-related taxes (e.g. VAT and excise duty on alcohol and tobacco).

The table also includes the month-on-month and year-on-year changes of the HICP. The year-on-year change of total consumer expenditure is known as inflation. These figures are shown for 359 product groups. Furthermore, 34 combinations of product groups (special aggregates) are displayed. The weighting coefficient shows how much consumers in the Netherlands spend on each product group in relation to their total expenditure. The total weighting is 100,000.

Data available from: January 1996.

Status of the figures:
When the HICP-figures for a reporting month are published for the first time, they are always provisional. This publication is a flash estimate based on incomplete data. Under regular circumstances, the HICP-figures become final with the second publication for the same month. Differences between the provisional and the final figures can be explained by the data that has become available after making the flash estimate.

After the estimate, HICP-figures will only be considered provisional when it is either already known at the time of publication that the data are incomplete, or when a revision is expected at a later moment, or in exceptional circumstances as the corona crisis. In most cases, no adjustments are made later.

Changes compared with previous version:
Data on the most recent period have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

When will new figures be published?
The HICP estimate is published on the last working day of the reference month, or every first working day of the following month. This estimate is usually final on the first Thursday of the month.

Description topics

Harmonised consumer price index of The Netherlands. The harmonised consumer price index is compiled in all the EU member states in a similar way and therefore makes it possible to compare the price developments within the EU properly.
The HICP -CT (constant taxes) is the same as the regular HICP, but excluding the effects of changes in the rates of taxes (e.g. VAT and excise on alcohol and tobacco) and subsidies. The HICP -CT answers the question of how prices would have developed if tax rates were the same as in the base year.
Year-on-year change HICP
Change compared with previous year.
Year-on-year change HICP -CT
Change compared with previous year.