Consumer prices; contribution and impact, CPI 2015=100

Consumer prices; contribution and impact, CPI 2015=100

Expenditure categories Periods Year-on-year change CPI (%) Weighting coefficient (Coefficient) Contribution to annual rate of change (%) Impact on the annual rate of change (%)
040000 Housing, water and energy 2021* 3.9 29,300 1.11 0.47
045500 Heat energy 2021* 0.8 142 0.00 0.00
SA03 Non-energy industrial goods 2021* 2.0 25,247 0.48 -0.26
SA04 Non-energy industrial goods, dur… 2021* 2.7 10,063 0.26 0.00
SA05 Non-energy industrial goods, semi.. 2021* 0.8 9,347 0.07 -0.20
SA06 Non-energy industrial goods, non-.. 2021* 2.7 5,836 0.15 -0.01
SA07 Energy, including other fuels 2021* 17.3 6,548 1.14 1.03
SA19 Overall index excluding energy 2021* 1.6 93,452 1.54
SA20 Overall index excl. Energy, food… 2021* 1.8 77,548 1.41
SA21 Overall index excl. Energy and… 2021* 1.7 90,667 1.56
SA24 Overall index excl. Energy and s… 2021* 1.7 91,960 1.55
SA25 Energy and seasonal food 2021* 13.8 8,040 1.12 0.98
SA30 Energy and unprocessed food 2021* 11.9 9,333 1.12 0.96
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Table description

This table contains figures about year-on-year developments of expenditure categories of the Consumer price index (CPI). This table also contains the weighting coefficient. The weighting coefficient shows how much Dutch consumers spend on each product group in relation to their total expenditure.

Furthermore, the table shows the contribution and impact of CPI categories. The contributions of the separate groups add up to total annual rate of change and show the share of price increases. The impact, on the other hand, answers the question how much higher or lower the total annual rate of change would have been, if a specific category would not have been taken into account in calculation. These figures are shown for 153 product groups. Furthermore, 34 combinations of product groups (special aggregates) are displayed.

Data available from: January 2016.

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Description topics

Year-on-year change CPI
Change compared with previous year.
Weighting coefficient
The weighting coefficient reflects the share (in hundred thousandths) of the total consumer expenditure.
Contribution to annual rate of change
Contribution is the part that the price development of a product group contributes to the total annual rate of change.
Impact on the annual rate of change
Impact measures how much higher or lower the annual rate of change would be if a product group was to be totally excluded.