Caribbean Netherlands: inbound tourism by air

Caribbean Netherlands: inbound tourism by air

Caribbean Netherlands Periods Inbound tourism by air (x 1 000)
Bonaire 2023 January 16.3
Bonaire 2023 February 16.2
Bonaire 2023 March 16.4
Bonaire 2023 April 15.8
Bonaire 2023 May 12.5
Bonaire 2023 June 12.1
Bonaire 2023 July 14.4
Bonaire 2023 August 11.1
Bonaire 2023 September 12.3
Bonaire 2023 October* 13.6
Bonaire 2023 November* 14.0
Bonaire 2023 December* 16.4
St. Eustatius 2023 January 0.5
St. Eustatius 2023 February 0.5
St. Eustatius 2023 March 0.6
St. Eustatius 2023 April 0.5
St. Eustatius 2023 May 0.5
St. Eustatius 2023 June 0.5
St. Eustatius 2023 July 0.4
St. Eustatius 2023 August 0.3
St. Eustatius 2023 September 0.3
St. Eustatius 2023 October* 0.5
St. Eustatius 2023 November* 0.7
St. Eustatius 2023 December* 0.6
Saba 2023 January 0.5
Saba 2023 February 0.5
Saba 2023 March 0.5
Saba 2023 April 0.5
Saba 2023 May 0.5
Saba 2023 June 0.5
Saba 2023 July 0.5
Saba 2023 August 0.5
Saba 2023 September 0.4
Saba 2023 October* 0.4
Saba 2023 November* 0.5
Saba 2023 December* 0.5
Source: CBS.
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This table shows the number of visitors to Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba by plane (inbound tourism). Visitors arriving by boat, such as cruise, yacht or ferry, are not included. A visitor can be a day visitor (no overnight stay on the island) or a tourist (at least one overnight stay on the island).

Data available from: January 2012

Status of the figures:
Figures in this table over 2012 up to the third quarter of 2023 are final. The figures for the fourth quarter of 2023 are provisional.

Changes as of April 2024:
The figures for the third quarter of 2023 are finalized. The provisional figures for the fourth quarter of 2023 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures for the first quarter of 2024 are expected in the third quarter of 2024.

Description topics

Inbound tourism by air
Visitors who arrived by plane on Bonaire, St Eustatius or Saba. An airplane passenger is counted as a visitor, when he or she is not registered in the population register of the island in question (PIVA). So it is not just about people travelling for their ' pleasure ', but also about people travelling for other purposes such as business and health.

Note that passengers who live in Curaçao, Aruba or St Maarten and fly to Bonaire, St Eustatius or Saba are also counted as visitors. The shares from Curaçao, St Maarten or Aruba are indicated in the table "Caribbean Netherlands: inbound tourism by air; nationality". Visitors who live on Bonaire, St. Eustatius or Saba and who visit one of these Dutch islands are not counted, because this concerns domestic tourism.