Supplies natural gas, electricity, public grid; companies, SIC 2008, region

Supplies natural gas, electricity, public grid; companies, SIC 2008, region

Sector/branch (SIC 2008) Regions All periods Natural gas, delivered (1,000 m3)
D Electricity and gas supply Grootegast 2020*
Source: CBS.
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This table shows figures on the supply of electricity and natural gas through the public grid to companies including the supply to industrial grids. In-house electricity production for private use only is not included in these figures.
Figures are broken down by sector of industry and region.

The figures are based on data provided by the operators of the public electricity and natural gas grids in the Netherlands. All Dutch grid operators have provided relevant data.

In consultation with stakeholders, the sector of industry ‘Electricity and gas supply’ (SIC code D) is fully protected for natural gas in 2015 and 2016 to prevent disproportional information loss due to the otherwise unavoidable protection of other sectors. Note that SIC D is also not taken into account in the total figures (A-U All economic activities) for natural gas in these years.
For the same reason, SIC D for electricity is fully protected in 2015 and 2016. Note: in 2015 SIC D is not, but in 2016 it is, taken into account in the total figures.

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Status of the figures:
The status of the figures from 2010 to 2019 is definite. The status of the figures over 2020 is provisional.

Changes as of October 2021:
Definite figures over 2019 and provisional figures over 2020 have been added. The so-called subRES-regios are added; figures are available from the reporting year 2019.
In addition, regions not used are removed.

When will new figures be published?
Definite figures over 2020 and provisional figures over 2021 will be published in the 3th quarter of 2022.

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Natural gas, delivered
Delivered natural gas via the public grid.

The grid of national natural gas distribution company Gas Transport Services (GTS), the grid of Zebragas and the regional distribution companies of natural gas.

Natural gas is gaseous fuel of natural origin mainly consisting of methane. This results from the same process that leads to the formation of crude oil. Natural gas is liquefied for transport over long distances by ship.