Local intergovernmental organisations; balance sheet per 31 December

Local intergovernmental organisations; balance sheet per 31 December

Balance sheet items-intergov. org. Periods Balance sheet items at year-end (million euros)
A121 - Land 2021* 460
A131a - Equity and investm. fund shares 2021* 274
A211 - Not in operation taken land 2021*
A22a - Current claims and loans 2021* 3,361
Source: CBS.
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This table contains figures on balance sheet items from local intergovernmental organisations in millions of euros. The figures presented in the table are based on balance sheet positions that are in line with the definitions and classifications used by the local intergovernmental organisations themselves in their administration and are presented at year-end. This data is supplied to Statistics Netherlands via the survey 'Informatie voor derden' (Iv3). The requirements for this survey are laid down in the 'Besluit Begroting en Verantwoording' (BBV).

Data available from: 2005

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are provisional at the time of first publication. The figures become definitive when figures for the following year are added to the series.

Changes as of 20 December 2022:
The provisional figures for 2021 have been added.
The figures for 2020 have been adjusted from provisional to definite.

When will new figures be published?
The new figures from the local intergovernmental organisations accounts are published no later than 12 months after the reporting period.
The figures can be adjusted on the basis of the availability of new or updated source material. In general, the adjustments are small. The adjustments are made the moment a new annual figure is added to the series.

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Balance sheet items at year-end
Balance sheet items at year-end based on the accounts of local intergovernmental organisations shown in millions of euros.