Transport and storage; turnover change, index 2010=100, 2005-2017

Transport and storage; turnover change, index 2010=100, 2005-2017

Sector/branches Periods Turnover year-on-year change (%)
H Transportation and storage 2017* 4.8
49 Land transport 2017* 5.0
491-492 Rail transport 2017* 3.7
493 Passenger transport by road 2017* 1.9
4939 Other passenger transport by road 2017* 1.6
494 Freight transport by road 2017* 5.9
4941 Freight road transport, no removals 2017* 5.9
50 Water transport 2017* 5.0
501-502 Sea water transport 2017* 5.6
503-504 Inland water transport 2017* 3.5
51 Air transport 2017* 4.3
52 Warehousing, services for transport 2017* 4.8
522 Services activities for transport 2017* 4.8
5221 Services for land transport 2017* 3.5
5222 Services for water transport 2017* 1.9
5223 Services for air transport 2017* 1.4
5229 Agents for transport and weighing 2017* 6.7
Source: CBS.
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This table presents information on quarterly turnover developments in the sector transport and storage (SIC 2008 section H). The data can be divided by a number of branches according to Statistics Netherlands' Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities 2008 (SIC 2008). The results are expressed in terms of indices with base year 2010. Changes on the same period in the previous year are also published.

Data available from: 1st quarter 2005 until 4th quarter 2017.

Status of the figures
Figures on 2017 are provisional and the remainder are definite.

Changes as of June 25 2018:
None, this table has been discontinued. This tabel will be continued as; Transport; turnover change, index 2015=100'. For more information see section 3

When will new figures be published?
None, this table has been discontinued.

Description topics

Turnover year-on-year change
The change in turnover indicates the growth rate with respect to the same month of the previous year as a percentage. Statistics Netherlands calculates this on the basis of non-rounded figures.

Turnover is defined as the value of sales of goods and services to third parties, VAT excluded. Turnover includes the main activity as well as secondary activities. Third parties are consumers and enterprises not belonging to (the Dutch part of) the own group of companies.