Agriculture and horticulture services; employment and finance, 2009-2013

Table description

This table shows relevant data for the economic sector 'agriculture and horticulture services' (SIC code 0161 according to the new Statistics Netherlands' Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities 2008 (SIC 2008)), e.g. the number of persons employed, costs and revenues, turnover and other financial results.

Data available from: 2009 - 2013.

Status of the figures:
All data in the table are definite.

Changes as of 22 April 2016:
Non, this table has been discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
The figures from 2014 can be found in the table 'Trade and industry; employment and finance per sector, SIC 2008'. See paragraph 3.

Description topics

Operating costs
The costs made to achieve the operating profits, that is the purchase value of the turnover, labour costs, and depreciation on assets, and other business expenditure.

Since 2007, wage (cost) subsidies are no longer included in net
operating returns. Therefore, wage (cost) subsidies are deducted from operating costs.
Personnel costs
This category comprises expenses like
- gross wages and salaries of employees, including social
security and pension scheme contributions
- payments for temporary workers and hired personnel
- costs of schooling and training
- recruitment and selection costs
- canteen costs
- costs for health and safety provisions
- working clothes
- anniversary celebrations, etc.
Employers' social contributions
The premiums paid by employers to social security on the gross wages.
These include imputed and actual social premiums and actual pension premiums, and payments made directly by the employer.
Employer-paid social insurance premiums
The part of social insurance premiums paid by employers.
Pension and early retirement premiums
Contributions paid by employers to pension and early retirement schemes, savings for retirement provisions, etc.
Other social insurance costs
This category includes:
- contributions to health insurance;
- costs of staff relocation and housing;
- costs of child care, etc.