Trade and industry; employment and finance per sector, SIC 2008

Trade and industry; employment and finance per sector, SIC 2008

Sector/branches (SIC 2008) Periods Labour volume persons employed Employee (x 1 000) Labour volume persons employed Employed person (x 1 000)
78 Employment activities 2020 268.6 82.7
781 Employment placement agencies 2020 18.9 20.6
782 Provision of temporary employment 2020 214.6 57.5
78203 Job pools (employment projects) 2020 . .
Source: CBS.
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This table shows relevant economic data for trade and industry sectors, e.g. the number of persons employed, costs and revenues, turnover and other financial results. The figures can be divided by a number of sectors/ branches according to Statistics Netherlands' Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities 2008 (SIC 2008).

Data available from: 2009.

Status of the figures:
All data in the table are definite.

Changes as of April 11, 2022:
Figures of 2020 have been added.

Many enterprises received wage subsidies in 2020 as a means to support enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic. In production statistics, wage subsidies are deducted from the total wages paid to employees. Some enterprises may have to pay back (part of) the wage subsidies received. This means that enterprises have higher labour costs than reported in this table.

When will new figures be published?
Results are made available circa 15 months after the year under review. In March/April 2023, new figures will be published for 2021.

Description topics

Labour volume persons employed
The volume of labour input in the production process, in terms of hours worked or full-time equivalents.
A person who has a contract with an economic unit to carry out work in return for financial remuneration.
Employed person
Someone working for a company located in the Netherlands, or an
institution or private household in the Netherlands.