Caribbean Netherlands; connections and production of electricity and water

Caribbean Netherlands; connections and production of electricity and water

Caribbean Netherlands Periods Electricity Production Total (million kwh) Electricity Production Fossil (million kwh) Electricity Production Renewable (million kwh) Mains water Production (1,000 m3)
Caribbean Netherlands 2020* 145.1 112.1 33.0 2,046
Bonaire 2020* 121.2 95.7 25.4 1,953
Sint-Eustatius 2020* 15.2 10.4 4.8 93
Saba 2020* 8.7 6.0 2.8 0
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Table description

This table presents figures on electricity generated by energy companies on the three islands of Caribbean Netherlands. Further the table contains the number of electricity connections and the number of connections to the mains water network, connections broken down by household and businesses. Then, the table contains an index figure of oil delivered from oil storage and the production of mains water by the water company.

Data available:
From: 1993

Status of the figures:
All figures from 1993 to 2014 are definite. Figures of 2015 are provisional.

Changes as of 10 February 2022:
The data on the number of mains water connections for the years 2013 and 2014 have been adjusted.
In 2013, this concerns the number of connections of companies in the Caribbean Netherlands. The total of the connections has not changed due to this correction.
In 2014, the total number of connections to Bonaire was corrected. The underlying data was correct and has not been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
Figures will be published irregular.

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Flow of electrons used to light lamps or to operate washing machines. Electrons are elementary particles in an atom with a negative charge that flow by a potential difference.
The amount of electricity generated by energy companies. Local generation, for example by hospitals or hotels, is not included.
Total production of electricity.
Fossil production of electricity.
Electricity produced with diesel generators.
Renewable production of electricity.
Electricity produced with wind turbines.
Mains water
The volume of mains water produced by the water company. Local production, for example by hotels, is not included.