GDP, production and expenditures; output and income by sector 1988 - 2012

GDP, production and expenditures; output and income by sector 1988 - 2012

Economic sectors Periods Value added from generation of income Compensation of employees Wages and salaries (mln euro) Value added from generation of income Difference imputed and paid VAT (mln euro)
Total economic sectors 2012* 239,022 1,040
Non-financial corporations 2012* 165,634 643
Financial corporations 2012* 13,137 -
General government 2012* 42,494 -
Households 2012* 15,767 397
NPI households 2012* 1,990 .
Source: CBS.
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This table presents data about the macroeconomic production process.
For the economic sectors the output, intermediate consumption, value added and income components are given.

The subjects in this table are the same as the titles of the tables in the chapter output, intermediate consumption and generation of income in the printed edition of the National accounts. The industries are classifiedaccording to the Standard industrial classification 2008 (SBI 2008). The sectors are classified according to the European system of national and regional accounts (ESA 1995).

Data available from 1988 to 2012

Status of the figures:
The figures concerning 2011,2012 are (revised) provisional. Because this table is discontinued, figures will not be updated anymore.

Changes as of June 25th 2014:
None, this table is discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
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Description topics

Value added from generation of income
Gross value added broken down by income components. Gross is including
consumption of fixed capital.
Compensation of employees
Compensation of employees is the total remuneration paid by employers to
their employees in return for work done. Employees are all residents and
non-residents working in a paid job. Managing directors of limited
companies are considered to be employees; therefore their sa-laries are
also included in the compensation of employees. The same holds for people
working in sheltered workshops.
Compensation of employees is classified in wages and salaries and
employers' social contributions.
Wages and salaries
Wages and salaries include income taxes and employees' social
contributions even if they are actually withheld by the employer and paid
directly to tax authorities, social security schemes and pension schemes.
Besides wages that are periodically and directly paid to employees, wages
and salaries also contain wages in kind and holiday allowances.
Furthermore, certain refunds for costs made by the employee are included
as well.
Difference imputed and paid VAT
Imputed VAT differs from VAT actually paid to the government. This is due
to acquittals, bad debts, fines, the Regulation for small entrepreneurs
and VAT evasion.