Province; rates surcharges motor vehicle tax

Province; rates surcharges motor vehicle tax

Regions Periods Rate surcharge motor vehicle tax (%)
Groningen (PV) 2024* 95.7
Fryslân (PV) 2024* 89.6
Drenthe (PV) 2024* 92.0
Overijssel (PV) 2024* 82.2
Flevoland (PV) 2024* 83.0
Gelderland (PV) 2024* 97.9
Utrecht (PV) 2024* 81.9
Noord-Holland (PV) 2024* 77.4
Zuid-Holland (PV) 2024* 98.7
Zeeland (PV) 2024* 84.4
Noord-Brabant (PV) 2024* 82.8
Limburg (PV) 2024* 83.1
Source: CBS.
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This table contains rates motor vehicle tax levied by provinces.
Owners of passenger cars and motorcycles pay an amount in addition to the motor vehicle tax in provincial surcharges. The surcharges on motor vehicle tax are collected by the tax authorities, at the same time as motor vehicle tax, and then transferred to the province. The data in the table comes from the budgets that the provinces adopt prior to the reporting year.

Data available from: 2000

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Changes as of 13 December 2023:
Provisional figures for 2024 have been added.
The figures for 2023 are definite.

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Rate surcharge motor vehicle tax
Motor vehicle tax surcharge (opcenten) is a provincial tax imposed on holders of passenger cars and motorcycles living or established in the province in the Netherlands and on those in whose name a registration number has been issued (such as authorized car dealers or lease companies).
The motor vehicle tax surcharge is levied on the rate of the principal sum of the motor vehicle tax. It is a percentage of the principal sum that would be imposed in 1995. The basis for the surcharge is therefore not changed if the rate for the principal is increased or decreased. The size of the principal is dependent on the weight of the vehicle (the heavier, the higher the principal) and the type of fuel (gasoline, diesel, gas or electric).