Consumer prices; average prices of food, 1800 - 2018

Consumer prices; average prices of food, 1800 - 2018

Periods Milk (euro)
2018 0.90
Source: CBS.
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This table contains the average annual prices of fourteen consumer goods since 1800. The average price is calculated according to a chosen quantity which is found in the subject explanations. The quality of some goods changes over the years. The purpose of this table is to present the price of products currently in demand and to give insight into the average price for that year. Alterations are mentioned in the subject explanations.

Data available from 1800 to 2018.

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All values are definite.

Changes as from 7 November 2019:
This table will no longer be updated.

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Does not apply.

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From 2000: 1 litre low-fat milk; before: 1 litre whole milk