Energy; consumption and producer prices by energy commodity 1995-2017

Energy; consumption and producer prices by energy commodity 1995-2017

Energy commodities Periods Energy consumption Amount (PJ) Energy consumption Change year-on-year (%)
Total energy commodities 2017* 3,151 0.3
Other energy commodities 2017* 258 6.9
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Dataset is not available.

This table shows the consumption and producer prices of energy.

Energy consumption figures for total energy commodities, natural gas, crude oil, hard coal and other energy commodities are primary consumption. Figures for electricity are final consumption.

The figures for producer prices refer to energy available for domestic consumption. This is the price of producers or importers for the delivery of the energy product.

Data is available from January 1995 up to December 2017

Status of the figures

Energy consumption:
All figures from 1995 up to 2014 are definite. Figures of 2015 up to 2016 are revised provisional and figures of 2017 are provisional.

Producer price:
All figures from 1995 up to July 2017 are definite. Figures from August 2017 are provisional.

The status of the figures will not be changed, because this table has been discontinued.

Changes as of January 31th 2019:
None. This table has been discontinued. Because of the change of the baseline of the producer price index, this table cannot be continued.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable anymore.

Description topics

Energy consumption
The amount of energy used by companies, households and transport in the Netherlands. Energy can be used
- for transformation into other energy sources, this is minus the energy produced, otherwise this energy would be counted double.
- as final consumption.

For electricity final consumption is presented.
Consumption of energy commodities in Petajoules (PJ).
A Petajoule is equivalent to one thousand billion joules or 10 to the power of 15 Joules.
Change year-on-year
The change compared to the same period in the previous year expressed as a percentage.