Local units by economic activity (SIC 2008), region, 2006-2010

Local units by economic activity (SIC 2008), region, 2006-2010

Economic activity (NCEA 2008) Regions Periods Number of local units (number)
47992 Street trade Zaanstreek (CR) 2010 5
47992 Street trade Het Gooi en Vechtstreek (CR) 2010 10
47992 Street trade Agglomeratie Leiden en Bollenstreek (CR) 2010 40
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table includes information on the number of local units of
enterprises and institutions (establishments) broken down by the National
Classification of Economic Activity 2008 (NCEA 2008, based on NACE Rev
2.0). Besides the breakdown by NCEA, the number of local units is broken
down by regional characteristics. All characteristics of a region are
derived from the municipality in which the local unit is located. The
regional totals shown concern cumulated municipal data. Where changes of
municipal boundaries transect regional boundaries, the municipal
classifications concerns the most recent situation. The municipality of
Woerden, for example, was annexed by the province of Utrecht on 1 January
1989, and is classified under the province of Utrecht in the Table. The
number of local units is rounded by a multiple of 5. The data refer to the
situation on 1 January of the year of observation.

Data available from: 2006

Status of the figures:
All data recorded in this publication are final data.

Last changes:
Data broken down by NCEA 1993 are transformed into data broken down by
NCEA 2008.

When will new figures be published?
Changes as of 20 April 2012:
This table has been stopped. Two points in the processing of the data have changed:
- the statistical unit has been changed.
- the main economic activity (NCEA 2008) of the local unit has been implemented.
Due to these changes, the figures are no longer comparable to those of the previous years. Therefore a new table has been started from 2007 onwards.

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Number of local units
The number of Enterprises is rounded on a multiple of 5.
The actual transactor in the production process characterised by
independence in decisions about the process and by providing products to