Regular residence permits; citizenship 2005-2011

Regular residence permits; citizenship 2005-2011

Citizenship Periods Total regular residence permits (number) Temporary residence permits (number) Permanent residence permits (number)
Surinam 2011 1,065 1,015 50
Source: CBS.
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Number of regular residence permits granted, by citizenship. Separate data are available for the main of citizenships.
This table shows the number of permits issued to non-Dutch nationals who are not asylum seekers to the Netherlands. They come for example to work, study or in the context of family reunification or family formation.
Also children of non-Dutch nationals born in the Netherlands and not in possession of the Dutch nationality must have a residence permit.

Data available from: 2005-2011.

Status of the figures: final data.

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Discontinued on december 6th 2013.

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Discontinued on december 6th 2013.

Description topics

Total regular residence permits
A granted request refers to the year in which the request was submitted
or an earlier year. A person whose request is granted, obtains a regular
residence permit.
Temporary residence permits
The temporary residence permit is valid for a maximum of five years;
holders of a temporary residence permit are allowed to have paid jobs.
Their employers require a work permit.
Permanent residence permits
After a period of five years a non-Dutch national may obtain a permanent
residence permit and is allowed to remain in the Netherlands for an
unspecified period of time.