Health and Social Care Accounts; expenditure and financing 1998-2011

Table description

This table contains information on the expenditure on health and social care including child care, in current and constant prices. The subjects cover expenses and finance of the care system, including price and volume developments. All activities within the area of health and social care are considered, irrespective of whether it concerns a major or minor activity of the economic units. These figures refer to a broader definition than internationally used in the System of Health Accounts, that refers to health care including long term nursing care (health).

Data available from: 1998 to 2011

Status of the figures:
All figures are final.
Because this table is discontinued, figures will not be updated anymore.

Changes as of August 27, 2014:
None, this table is discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable anymore. This table has been replaced by three tables: Health accounts; providers and financing. Health accounts; providers and functions. Health accounts; functions and financing. See section 3.

Description topics

Expenditure in current prices
The expenditure is expressed in euros of the year under review. In this
way the series gives the development of the value of the expenditure.
Providers of social care
Suppliers of goods and services in the area of caring and social-cultural
activities. These goods and services: are provided to promote the ability
to cope and the (social and cultural) participation of people and are
aimed at a positive influence of the general well-being of the
population, are related to non-medical caring, stimulation, support,
recreation and education, are provided by trained experts and/or
companies (or parts of companies) set up for this purpose, or are
provided by households.
Other providers of social care
Refugee centres and boarding schools