Transport, storage and communications; finance, SIC'93, 2006 - 2008

Transport, storage and communications; finance, SIC'93, 2006 - 2008

Sector/branches (SIC'93) Periods Business costs Other business costs Transport costs (mln euro)
I Transport, storage, communications 2008 13,059
60 Land transport; transport via .. 2008 6,008
601 Transport via railways 2008 x
602 Road transport 2008 5,266
602a Passenger transport by tram or bus 2008 530
6024 Freight transport by road 2008 4,476
603 Transport via pipelines 2008 x
61 Water transport 2008 1,998
611 Sea and coastal water transport 2008 1,491
612 Inland water transport 2008 508
62 Air transport 2008 4,145
63 Supporting and auxiliary transport .. 2008 475
632 Other supporting transport act.. 2008 44
6321 Supporting land transport act.. 2008 13
6322 Supporting water transport act.. 2008 26
6323 Airports/supporting air transport.. 2008 6
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Dataset is not available.

This table shows relevant data for the economic sector 'transport, storage
and communications', e.g. the number of persons employed, costs and
revenues, turnover and other financial results. The figures can be divided
by a number of branches according to Statistics Netherlands' Standard
Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities 1993 (SIC'93).

The survey questionnaire was changed slightly in 2007. Up to and including
2006, wage subsidies were counted as (other) business returns. From 2007
onwards these subsidies are deducted from business costs. Because of these
changes, results for 2007 are not fully comparable with results for 2006.
The effect of these changes on business returns and business costs are
small for most of the branches.

Data available from 2006 - 2008.

Status of the figures: All data are definite.

Changes as of 1 Sesptember 2011:
This table has been stopped. Two important points in the processing of
the data on 2009 have changed :
- a new version of the Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic
Activities has been implemented (SIC 2008);
- the statistical unit has been changed.
Due to these changes, the figures are no longer comparable to those of the
previous years. Therefore new table has been started from 2009 onwards
(see also heading 3).

Description topics

Business costs
All costs made to generate revenues.
Since 2007, wage (cost) subsidies are no longer included in net
business returns. Therefore, wage (cost)subsidies are deducted from
business costs.
Other business costs
This category includes the costs of energy, housing, machinery and
equipment, inventory, etc, transport, sales and promotions, communication,
costs of services provided by third parties and other costs not classified
Transport costs
Costs related to means of transport, including:
- rental costs and lease costs;
- repair and maintenance;
- costs of insurances and road tax;
- fuel costs.