Coal and coal products; indigenous production, imports, exports; from 1802

Table description

This table presents the main figures for supply and consumption of primary coal (hard coal, lignite) and coal products in the Netherlands in a long time series.

Data available:
From 1802

Status of the figures:
Figures of 1802 up to and including 2019 are definite. Figures of 2020 and 2021 are revised provisional.

Changes as of June 17th 2022:
Revised provisional figures added for 2021.

Changes as of 1st of March 2022:
Figures from 1990 up to and including 2014 have been revised. The most relevant adaptations are a change of imports and stock changes of hard coal and lignite and other output of coke-oven cokes of several million kg on a yearly basis.

When will new figures be published?
Revised provisional figures: June/July in the following year.
Definite figures: december in the second following year.

Description topics

Coal products
From coal derived products like coke-oven cokes, coke-oven gas and blast furnace gas.
Patent fuel; output
Coal pressed into blocks.
Coke-oven cokes
Solid coal product derived from further carbonization at high temperature. In blast furnaces the product is used to produce iron from iron ore.
Output, total
Manufacture of coke-oven products output
Manufacture of coke-oven products transform coal into coke-oven cokes which is needed to produce iron and steel.
Output, other
Gas works gas
Gas derived from coal and destined for distribution in the gas network.
Output by public gas works companies
Output of gas works gas by public gas companies is sometimes lower than the delivery by energy companies, because other companies also produce gas works gas.