Investment climate; society, 1990-2013

Investment climate; society, 1990-2013

Countries Periods Benefits Social protection benefits (% of GDP)
Australia 2013 .
Austria 2013 .
Belgium 2013 .
Canada 2013 .
Czech Republic 2013 .
Denmark 2013 .
Finland 2013 .
France 2013 .
Germany 2013 .
Hungary 2013 .
Ireland 2013 .
Italy 2013 .
Japan 2013 .
The Netherlands 2013 .
Poland 2013 .
South Korea 2013 .
Spain 2013 .
Sweden 2013 .
United Kingdom 2013 .
United States 2013 .
EU-15 2013 .
EU-25 2013 .
EU-27 2013 .
OECD 2013 .
Source: CBS.
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This table gives a couple of social factors which are important for a country's investment climate. Attitudes towards work are important with regards to business activities, for example if employees prefer a part-time job or have a tendency to change jobs quickly. Political choices influence the scope entrepreneurs have, as well as the incentives to work (expressed here in social benefits and minimum wage).
This table gives information about the development of job mobility, part-time employment, social benefits and minimum wages for several countries.

Note: Comparable definitions are used to facilitate international comparisons of the figures. The definitions used here sometimes differ from definitions used by Statistics Netherlands. The figures in this table can differ from Dutch figures presented elsewhere on the website of Statistics Netherlands.

Data available for: 1990 up to 2013.

Status of the figures:
The external sources of these data frequently supply adjusted figures on preceding periods. These adjusted data are not mentioned as such in the table.

Changes as of 1 March 2018:
This table has been discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
No longer applicable.

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Social protection benefits
Total expenditure on social protection benefits. Social protection benefits include:
- income assistance and other financial or material assistance for sickness and health care, infirmity, pension and widows and widowers;
- financial or material support (excluding health) for family (including children), unemployment, housing and socially vulnerable people.

Source: Eurostat.