Public libraries

Table description

This table presents an overview of the number of public libraries, the number of volumes in collections, the number of volumes lent out to the public, registered users, the staff working for public libraries and their operating costs and revenues.

Data available from: 1999.

Status of the figures:
The figures for 2020 are preliminary. All other figures are final.

Changes as of 8 July 2021:
The final figures for 2019 have been published.
The preliminary figures for 2020 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
Preliminary figures for 2021 will be published in July 2022.

Description topics

Number of libraries
Libraries by membership fee
The annual membership fee, if no other costs are charged.
For the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 there are no figures on the annual membership fee due to a lack of quality in the underlying data. From 2008 onwards information on the annual membership fee is no longer gathered.
Total number of libraries
Membership fee < 15 euros
Membership fee 15 - 20 euros
Membership fee 20 - 25 euros
Membership fee 25 euros and more
Other form of membership fee
Libraries which only charge an annual membership fee in combination with a lending fee per volume.