Deaths; suicide (residents), various themes

Deaths; suicide (residents), various themes

Sex Age Periods Total suicides (number) Relative figures Total suicides (Per 100 000 of the average population)
Total men and women Total all ages 2020 1,823 10.5
Total men and women Younger than 20 years 2020 62 1.6
Total men and women 20 to 29 years 2020 199 8.9
Total men and women 30 to 39 years 2020 243 11.2
Total men and women 40 to 49 years 2020 296 13.5
Total men and women 50 to 59 years 2020 408 16.1
Total men and women 60 to 69 years 2020 284 13.3
Total men and women 70 to 79 years 2020 206 12.9
Total men and women 80 years or older 2020 125 15.1
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table contains the number of victims of suicide arranged by marital status, method, motives, age and sex. They represent the number deaths by suicide in the resident population of the Netherlands.

The figures in this table are equal to the suicide figures in the causes of death statistics, because they are based on the same files. The causes of death statistics do not contain information on the motive of suicide. For the years 1950-1995, this information is obtained from a historical data file on suicides. For the years 1996-now the motive is taken from the external causes of death (Niet-Natuurlijke dood) file.
Before the 9th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), i.e. for the years 1950-1978, it was not possible to code "jumping in front of train/metro". For these years 1950-1978 "jumping in front of train/metro" has been left empty, and it has been counted in the group "other method".

Relative figures have been calculated per 100 000 of the corresponding population group. The figures are calculated based on the average population of the corresponding year.

Data available from: 1950

Status of the figures:
The figures up to and including 2020 are final.

Changes as of January 24th 2022:
The final figures for 2020 have been updated.

When will new figures be published:
In the third quarter of 2022 provisional figures for 2021 will be published.

Description topics

Total suicides
Total number of male and female suicides in the year selected.
Definition of suicide:
Intentional self-harm. The victim has explicitly acted to take his/her own

The following ICD-codes are applicable:
- For 1950-1957 ICD-6: E963, E970-E979
- For 1958-1968 ICD-7: E963, E970-E979
- For 1969-1978 ICD-8: E950-E959
- For 1979-1995 ICD-9: E950-E959
- From 1996 ICD-10: X60-X84
Relative figures
Per 100 000 in the corresponding population age group.
The figures are calculated for the average population in the corresponding
Total suicides
Deaths by suicide per 100 000 of the average population.