The State; tax revenues, ESA, 1999 - 2011

The State; tax revenues, ESA, 1999 - 2011

Periods Taxes on production and imports Labour costs levies (mln euro)
2011 2nd quarter* 97
Source: CBS.
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As part of the statistics on government finances, Statistics Netherlands
(CBS) collects data on the size, composition and allocation of the
expenditures and revenues and the balance sheet positions of the State.

The State includes ministries, budget funds and agencies. Ministries are
mainly active in policy-making for national government. Budget funds
comprise long-term income budgets for special policy areas. Agencies are
responsible for executive tasks.

This table contains a selection from the results of the analysis of the
State finances on a quarterly basis: the revenues from taxes imposed by
national government. The data in the table can be broken down into:
- transactions according to the European System of Accounts 1995;
- types of tax.

Data available from: 1st quarter 1999
Frequency: discontinued.

Status of the figures:
Figures up to and including 2008 are definite.
Figures from 2009 to 2nd quarter 2011 are provisional.

Changes as of 30 September 2011:
Data for a new period are added and/or adjustments are
carried out.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable.

Description topics

Taxes on production and imports
Obligatory payments, in cash or kind, imposed by the government or
institutions of the European Union in relation to the production or import
of goods and services, the employment of personnel and the ownership or
the use of land, buildings or other assets that can be used in the
production process. These taxes are indebted irrespective of the profits
Labour costs levies
The main component of these levies is the levy on the part of the gross
income saved under employee savings schemes. The levy is imposed on the
employer, and based on the amount saved in the declaration period. In
addition, there are other final levies, e.g. levies on gifts.