Spending; consumption household, 1995-2019

Spending; consumption household, 1995-2019

Goods and services Periods Volume Volume changes (%) Volume Volume changes shoppingday adjusted (%) Volume Indices (2000 = 100) (2000=100)
5400 Transport, communication services 2019 2nd quarter* . . .
Source: CBS.
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Dataset is not available.

This table contains figures about consumption by households;changes, index figures, shares, value (million euro) by goods and services in accordance with the National Accounts.
Monthly series are available on changes in consumption expenditure by households. These are based on spending by consumers (including VAT).

Data available from January 1995 to June 2019

Status of figures:
Figures are adjusted provisional figures.
Provisional figures are not become adjusted because the table has been stopped.

Changes as of 19 September 2019:
None, the tabel has been stopped.

When are new figures released?
Does not apply. This table will be continued by Consumption expenditure of households; National accounts, 2015=100

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Volume changes
Volumechange on same period in previous year.
Volume changes shoppingday adjusted
Volume changes on same period in previous year adjusted for differences
in shopping days.
Indices (2000 = 100)
Volume indices based on 2000 = 100