Personnel government; employees, salary, average age, 1997 - 2005

Personnel government; employees, salary, average age, 1997 - 2005

Selection group Periods Employees Total employees (x 1 000) Employees Full-time/part-time employees Full-time employees (x 1 000) Employees Full-time/part-time employees Part-time employees (x 1 000) Employees Sex Men (x 1 000) Employees Sex Women (x 1 000) Average contractual salary (euro) Average age employees (years)
Total sector municipalities 2005 185.6 114.3 71.3 109.8 75.8 2,830 44.1
Intermunicipal corporations 2005 18.8 9.8 9.0 9.7 9.1 2,977 44.0
Source: CBS.
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Table description

The information on public sector contractual salaries is published as
part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs' publication key figures on
public sector employees.
This publication annually describes the composition and the number of
persons employed in eleven public sectors.
Statistics Netherlands provides data on six public sectors, i.e.
municipalities, provinces, district water boards, intermunicipal
corporations, university hospitals and the police force.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs provide from 2002 the public sector
police force itself.

Data available from: 1997
Frequency: yearly

Status of the figures:
The figures from 1997 until 2005 are final.

When will new figures be published?
The table is canceled because the information on public sector
contractual salaries is now published by the 'Ministry of Internal Affairs'.

Description topics

Personnel employed on a permanent, temporary or contractual basis
excluding holiday workers, temporary workers and various other categories.
Total employees
Full-time/part-time employees
Full-time employees
Full-time employees are employees with full-time jobs except stand-by
Part-time employees
Part-time employees work regular weekly hours but do not have full-time
jobs. Also includes flexible workers, e.g. stand-by workers/employees.
Average contractual salary
The average monthly salary, which is the basis for the various bonus
Average age employees