Population and population dynamics by month; 1995-2018

Population and population dynamics by month; 1995-2018

Periods Mortality Infant mortality by sex Boys and girls (number) Mortality Infant mortality by sex Boys (number) Mortality Infant mortality by sex Girls (number)
2017 November 42 27 15
2017 December 35 24 11
2018 January* 42 26 16
2018 February* 40 16 24
2018 March* 49 33 16
2018 April* 54 31 23
2018 May* 43 25 18
2018 June* 41 20 21
2018 July* 55 32 23
2018 August* 34 12 22
2018 September* 53 30 23
2018 October* 45 29 16
Source: CBS
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Table description

This table includes information on the size of the Dutch population, as well as births, deaths, international migration, persons who moved within or between municipalities, marriages, registered partnerships, marriage dissolutions and requests for asylum, per month, quarter and year.

Since January 2010, a new production system has become operational to process municipal population data.
As from 2010 onwards, with the introduction of the new system the following changes were implemented:
- Provisional figures on live births by rank number and marital status of the mother will no longer be available. Definite figures will be added to the table on an annual basis;
- Marriages will include registered partnerships;
- Data on registered partnerships will be discontinued;
- Married persons will include persons who have signed partnership contracts. An extra preceding marital status (married) has been added;
- Marriage dissolutions will be presented including registered partnership dissolutions;
- Divorced persons will be presented including legally terminated partnerships;
- Data on persons who have moved house within the Netherlands will no longer be broken down by place in the household.

Data available from January 1995 till Ocotber 2018.

Status of the figures:
- All figures on Asylum requests are final.
- All figures of 1995 up to and including 2017 are final.
- Figures for the 1st of January 2018 are final, the other figures on the population of 2018 are provisional.
- The updating of asylum applications in this table is discontinued with effect from 2012.

Changes effective from 14 January 2019:
None, the table has been discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable. This table will be followed up by 'Population dynamics; month and year' see paragraph 3.

Description topics

Break in series: late reports
Until 2010, reports on events taking place in a certain year received by Statistics Netherlands after 15 February in the following year were disregarded. These are so-called late reports.
As a result of an improvement in the production process, from 2010 these late reports are included in the year of publication (i.e. not in the year the event took place, but in the year the results are published).
Infant mortality by sex
Infant mortality:
The number of live born children who died before their first birthday (age on last birthday).

Live born child:
A baby showing some sign of life after birth, regardless of the duration of pregnancy.
Boys and girls