Vegetables; yield and cultivated area per kind of vegetable

Vegetables; yield and cultivated area per kind of vegetable

Vegetables Periodes Gross yield (mln kg) Cropping area (hectares)
Leafy and stalked vegetables (total) 2022 336.8 15,046
Lettuce, leafy and other kinds 2022 14.9 616
Tuberous and root vegetables (total) 2022 2,139.6 44,777
Bunched and washed carrots 2022 139.4 2,566
Source: CBS.
Explanation of symbols

Dataset is not available.

This table provides information about the harvest of vegetables in the Netherlands.
It concerns the harvest of vegetables (in million kg) and the corresponding cropping area (in hectares).

Data available from: 1998.

Status of the figures:
The figures are definite.

Changes as of 3 April 2023:
The 2021 figures have been updated and are now definite and the definite 2022 figures have been added.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures for the previous year are published in March, at the same time figures for the preceding year become definite.

Description topics

Gross yield
The yield of vegetables, in million kg..
Cropping area
The total cropping area is basically equal to the sown area per year.
So, when a specific area has been sown several times in one year,
this area is multiplied by that number.
In case of several yields from the same plants (with strawberries and fruit eaten as vegetables), the area is counted just once.
Also with mushrooms and radish the cropping area is counted just once.