Bankruptcies by company characteristics and province, 1993-2011

Table description

This publication gives information on pronounced bankruptcies by economic activity, year and province. The number of pronounced bankruptcies is not adjusted for bankruptcies
annulled by appeal. Due to the fact that a match with the General Register of Enterprises (ABR) was not possible, because the date of entry by the Chamber of Commerce was
missing, the information about the lifetime of the company is missing from 2007 onwards.

Data available from 1993 to 2011.

Status of the figures:
All figures are definite.

Changes as of January 1, 2018:
None, this table has been stopped.

Reason for stopping:
The tables on pronounced bankruptcies in the Netherlands is re-established with SBI2008 instead of 1993. New tables (will) appear on Statline partially containing the information from this table.

When will new figures be published?
No longer applicable.

Description topics

Pronounced bankruptcies companies
Excluding natural persons and legacies.
Economic activity (SBI '93)
Pronounced bankruptcies concerning enterprises and institutions by
industry class (SBI'93).
01-05 Agriculture, hunting, fishing
Including forestry.
10-37 Manufacturing, mining, quarrying
45 Construction
50-52 Repair of consumer goods and trade
55 Hotels and restaurants
60-64 Transport, storage, communication
Transport, storage and communication.
65-67 Financial intermediation
70-75 Business intermediation
80 Education and others
Education; Health and social work; Other community, social and personal-
service activities.
Other/unknown economic activity
For instance health care, welfare, environmental services, culture and