National Accounts 2009; Output, consumption, income

National Accounts 2009; Output, consumption, income

Classifications Periods Output (basic prices) (mln euro) Intermediate consumption (mln euro) Gross value added Value added basic prices (mln euro)
···Legal and economic activities 2009* 36,681 16,966 19,715
Source: CBS
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Table description

This publication provides data on the macroeconomic production process.
For the different industries and institutional units (sectors), data on
production, intermediate consumption and value added as well as the
components of value added are presented.

The subjects of this publication correspond with the titles of the tables
in the chapter Output, consumption and generation of income of the printed
publication National accounts of the Netherlands. The industries are
classified according to the Dutch Standard Industrial Classification (SBI
1993). The institutional sectors are classified according to the European
System of Accounts (ESA 1995).

For a number of subjects (transactions) the industry figures does not equal
the macroeconomic total because certain parts of transactions cannot be
allocated to a specific industry.
The following transactions cannot be attributed to individual industries:
- goods and services n.e.c. (not elsewhere counted)
- imputed value added tax (VAT)
- difference imputed and paid VAT
- taxes on imports (excluding VAT)
- import subsidies
Transactions not allocated to a specific industry are given under the
heading: not by industries.

This table has been discontinued. Data are available from:
1969 up and until 2009

Reason discontinuation:
The national accounts have adapted the new classification of economic
activities, NACE Rev. 2. Furthermore, tables have been restructured to
improve their clarity.

Description topics

Output (basic prices)
Output (basic prices) covers the value of all goods produced
for sale, including unsold goods, and all receipts for services
rendered. Output furthermore covers the market equivalent of
goods and services produced for own use, such as own account
capital formation, services of owner-occupied dwellings and
agricultural products produced by farmers for own consumption.
The output of such goods is estimated by valuing the quantities
produced against the price that the producer would have received
if these goods had been sold. Output is valued at basic prices,
defined as the price received by the producer excluding trade and
transport margins and the balance of taxes and subsidies on
products. This is the price the producer is ultimately left with.
Intermediate consumption
Intermediate consumption includes all goods and services used
up in the production process in the accounting period, regardless
the date of purchase. This includes for example fuel, raw materials,
semimanufactured goods, communication services, cleansing
services and audits by accountants.
Gross value added
Value added is equal to the difference between output
and intermediate consumption (excluding deductible VAT). Value
added can, dependent from the valuation of production, be valued
at basic prices and at market prices.
Value added basic prices
Value added at basic prices is equal to the difference between
production (basic prices) and intermediate consumption.