Bankruptcies; flow data, 1981-2011

Bankruptcies; flow data, 1981-2011

Regions Periods Pronounced bankruptcies By legal form Natural person (absolute) Pronounced bankruptcies By legal form Single-owner company (absolute)
The Netherlands 2011 2,392 964
North of the Netherlands 2011 206 118
East of the Netherlands 2011 676 234
West of the Netherlands 2011 937 390
South of the Netherlands 2011 573 222
Province of Groningen 2011 78 45
Province of Friesland 2011 47 31
Province of Drenthe 2011 81 42
Province of Overijssel 2011 332 81
Province of Flevoland 2011 65 24
Province of Gelderland 2011 279 129
Province of Utrecht 2011 91 41
Province of Noord-Holland 2011 412 162
Province of Zuid-Holland 2011 400 170
Province of Zeeland 2011 34 17
Province of Noord-Brabant 2011 399 165
Province of Limburg 2011 174 57
Source: CBS.
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This publication gives an overview of petitioned, pronounced, annulled
and terminated bankruptcies.
Usually, a bankruptcy starts with a petition submitted by one or more
creditors or voluntarily. Bankruptcies can also be decreed by the
Public Prosecutor (in the public interest). A bankruptcy can also be
decreed by the court, if the debtor is denied suspension of payment or
sanction of the agreement.
Bankruptcy petitions are also used to collect payment from unwilling

Data available from 1981 to 2011.

Status of the figures:
All figures are definite.

Changes as of October 1, 2013:
None, this table has been stopped.

Reason for stopping:
The set of tables on pronounced bankruptcies in the Netherlands is re-established. New tables will appear on Statline in the short term, partially containing the information from this table.

When will new figures be published?
No longer applicable.

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Pronounced bankruptcies
By legal form
Natural person
Including legacies.
Single-owner company
From 1-1-2007 on the CBS uses a new register of companies for distinction
of the legal form. Therefore the distinction between single owner
companies and natural persons can be made more exactly.
In comparison with former years there is a shift from single owner
companies to natural persons.