Population; key figures

Population; key figures

Periods Population in institutional households (x 1,000)
2021 259
Source: CBS.
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Key figures on the population of the Netherlands.

The following information is available:
- Population by sex;
- Population by marital status;
- Population by age (groups);
- Population by origin;
- Private households;
- Persons in institutional households;
- Population growth;
- Population density.

Statistics Netherlands will reorganise the tables relating to statistics on population and households. The aim is to reduce the number of tables while striving to preserve (much) needed information. This table will be revised as soon as possible.

Data available from: 1950

Status of the figures:
All the figures are final.

Changes as of 13 October 2021:
Final figures with regard to population growth for 2020 and final figures of the population on 1 January 2021 have been added.

When will new figures be published?
In the last quarter of 2022 final figures with regard to population growth for 2021 and final figures of the population on 1 January 2022 will be added.

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Population in institutional households
Up to and including 1987 the figures refer to the situation on 31 December, 1988-1994 to the midyear situation, from 1995 onwards to the situation on 1 January.

Break in series
From 2011 onwards a new process has been used for the production of figures on household composition. This new method uses data from the municipal population register (GBA) and tax declarations of cohabiting couples. Although the results based on the new production method are in line with previous results, small shifts have occurred in the number of households by composition in 2011. The largest shift is in the number of 'Other households', that is now smaller. The number of persons in institutional households on 1 January 2011 is 12,000 higher than on 1 January 2010. About half of this increase was the result of improvements in the survey method.

Institutional household:
Household consisting of two or more people living in one accommodation whose housing and daily needs are provided professionally.

The total number of people residing in the Netherlands.
In the population statistics compiled by Statistics Netherlands the inhabitants of a given area are the people registered in the population register, whose address is located in that area.