Natural gas balance sheet; supply and consumption

Natural gas balance sheet; supply and consumption

Periods Supply of natural gas Stock change (mln m3) Closing stock (mln m3)
2021 March* 1,064 3,558
2021 April* 615 2,943
2021 May* -302 3,244
2021 June* -1,400 4,645
2021 July* -1,180 5,826
2021 August* -1,559 7,385
2021 September* -1,541 8,927
2021 October* 83 8,843
2021 November* 986 7,857
2021 December* 2,799 5,058
2022 January* 1,070 3,988
2022 February* 708 3,280
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table shows the supply and the consumption of natural gas as a balance sheet. The supply of natural gas is calculated as the sum of indigenous production, production from other sources, imports minus exports, minus delivery of fuels for international shipping (bunkers) plus stock changes. The supply is equal to the amount of natural gas used in the Netherlands in the same period.

This consumption is broken down by how it's delivered by the gas distribution network. This consists of a main grid and connected regional grids. Large-scale consumers, like power plants and large companies, receive the gas directly from the main distribution network. Small-scale consumers, including households, receive their natural gas through the regional grids. Then a small amount of natural gas is used in the indigenous production and transportation of natural gas. Lastly, there is flared and vented natural gas.

Data available:
From 1946 annually and from 1982 annually, quarterly and monthly.

Status of the figures:
- up to and including 2019 definite
- 2020 revised provisional
- 2021 and 2022 provisional.

Changes as of April 29th 2022:
Figures of February 2022 have been added.

Changes as of March 2021:
Redesign; The new variables “Bunkers” and “Closing stock” are added to the table. The closing stocks will be aligned with AGSI every year in January. In the other months the closing stock will be determined based on the flows as metered by Gasunie (GTS). Because of this methodology, differences between the values as published by AGSI can occur. Apart from adding de variables “Closing stock” and “Bunkers” new insights have led to a shift from import to production for the year 2020.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures: in the second month after the month under review.
Revised provisional figures: not later than in the following December.
Definite figures: not later than in the second following December.

Description topics

Supply of natural gas
The amount of natural gas primarily available for consumption in the Netherlands. Supply is calculated as the sum of indigenous production, production from other sources, imports minus exports and stock changes. This calculation of the supply results in the amount of natural gas consumed in the Netherlands during the period under review.
Stock change
Stock change of natural gas in underground storages and stock changes of liquefied natural gas (Lng). Includes also small changes in the emergency supply of natural gas and in the natural gas pipelines. During extremely cold weather the emergency supply is used to keep the natural gas supply at the normal level. During hot weather the emergency supply is supplemented again. The change of stock is calculated as the opening stock minus the closing stock, in accordance with international energy statistics guidelines. A positive figure means that the stock has decreased, and the supply of natural gas has thus increased. A negative figure means the opposite: an increase in stock and decrease in consumption.
Closing stock
The closing amount of stock.