Natural gas balance sheet; supply and consumption

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This table shows the supply and the consumption of natural gas as a balance sheet. The supply of natural gas is calculated as the sum of indigenous production, production from other sources, imports minus exports plus stock changes. This is equal to the amount of natural gas used in the Netherlands in the same period.

This consumption is broken down by how it's delivered by the gas distribution network. This consists of a main grid and connected regional grids. Large-scale consumers, like power plants and large companies, receive the gas directly from the main distribution network. Small-scale consumers, including households, receive their natural gas through the regional grids. Then a small amount of natural gas is used in the indigenous production and transportation of natural gas. Lastly, there is flared and vented natural gas.

Data available:
From 1946 annually and from 1982 annually, quarterly and monthly.

Status of the figures:
All figures up to 2015 are definite.
Figures of 2016 are revised provisional.
Figures of 2017 and upward are provisional.

Changes as of the 2nd of September 2020.
Figures of July 2020 have been added.

Changes as of September 20th 2019
Because of a change in methodology the figures for LNG have changed. In the previous method monthly data for LNG was estimated. Since the share of LNG in the Dutch gas balance is becoming more significant , this method was no longer considered to be accurate. In this new method figures of import and export are based on a monthly survey.

When will new figures be published?
Provisional figures: in the second month after the month under review.
Revised provisional figures: not later than in the following December.
Definite figures: not later than in the second following December.

Natural gas balance sheet; supply and consumption

Periods Consumption of natural gasVia the main gridElectricity power plants (mln m3)
2019 August* 919
2019 September* 947
2019 October* 1,038
2019 November* 944
2019 December* 765
2020 January* 1,165
2020 February* 884
2020 March* 780
2020 April* 644
2020 May* 824
2020 June* 905
2020 July* 1,112
Source: CBS.
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