I am changing employer and wish to continue working on the project. Is that possible?


At least one active researcher must be working on the project at the organisation with which the project agreement was concluded. If this is not the case after you change employer, then the project must move along to the new employer.

Does this employer have authorization to work with microdata?

Yes: if the project does not have to move: a new confidentiality statement for you should then be drawn up via the 'Worksheet for new researcher'. This form can be found on this page: How do I add a researcher or observer to my project?

Yes, and the project will move: send an e-mail to microdata@cbs.nl with completed Annexes A and B: Applying for access to microdata.

No: Does this employer not have permission to work with microdata? In that case, let the employer apply for authorisation first so that you can continue your project activities as researcher: Application for microdata access.Once that has been obtained, you can register as a new researcher on the project or move the project.
An alternative option is to obtain a secondment statement or equivalent contract from your former employer.