How many aircraft movements to and from the Netherlands?

In 2017, there were 646 thousand aircraft movements to and from Dutch airports of national importance (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde and Maastricht Aachen Airport). The number of movements rose by 3.2 percent relative to the previous year. Not all flights were commercial in nature; there are non-commercial cross-country flights (including private flights) as well as local flights (where take-off and landing are at the same airport). A large share of local flights are instruction flights. The number of so-called commercial air transport movements (transport of passengers, cargo and mail for remuneration or hire) stood at 556 thousand in 2017.

The majority of flights are passenger flights; almost 68 percent of all commercial flights are passenger flights without cargo. Another 27.1 percent are passenger aircraft which carry cargo along with passengers.

Aside from airports of national importance, the Netherlands has ten small airports. Generally, there is no commercial air transport at these airports. They are mainly used for instruction and training flights, private flights and sightseeing flights.
Of these small airports, Lelystad Airport is the largest in terms of the number of aircraft movements. In 2016, this airport had over 91 thousand movements, of which over 61 percent were instruction and training flights. Budel Airport is the second largest with over 49 thousand movements.