How important is the aviation industry to the Dutch economy?

The contribution made by ‘air transport’ (broadly speaking the airline industry) to the Dutch economy is approximately 0.5 percent. The value added by air transport was reduced sharply in 2009, but subsequently enjoyed strong growth and reached a level up to 45 percent above pre-crisis levels by 2016. On the other hand, employment in the airline industry has declined. In 2016, air transport accounted for 22 thousand FTEs, i.e. 3 thousand less than in 2006.

There are several other economic drivers in aviation aside from airline companies. These include airports and companies whose activity is handling air freight and/or air passengers. In 2017, there were around 340 such service providers, roughly as many as airline companies. Employment in the so-called aviation services industry is around 15 percent of that in air transport, while turnover is around one-quarter. In 2015, combined turnover generated by carriers and service providers was almost 13 billion euros.