CBS Urban Data Centres

Use data more effectively in local administration: that is what CBS Urban Data Centres are all about. At an Urban Data Centre, municipalities join forces with Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Our expertise in the field of data infrastructure, data processing, privacy protection and more is combined with local policy issues. At the UDC we work together to utilise (new) data sources which can answer policy questions and provide insight into the local implications of new developments in society. This in turn helps public authorities, citizens, businesses and institutions understand actual developments within their municipality.

The first CBS Urban Data Centre was launched in Eindhoven on 22 September 2016. This initiative was followed up by other municipalities: Heerlen ( 28 November 2016), Groningen Region (31 January 2017), Venlo (19 April 2017) and Zwolle (29 June 2017). The municipalities of Leidschendam-Voorburg (31 August) and The Hague (end of September) are opening their UDCs later this year. CBS is in discussion with several other municipalities on the establishment of new Urban Data Centres.