International trade in services IDEP


  1. Where can I find a deninition of merchanting and trade via Dutch custom warehouses?
  2. Where do I find a detailed manual on the International Trade in Services 2020?
  3. The activities of my company have ended (bankruptcy, closed down, merger, take over or sale), what do I have to do for CBS?
  4. I no longer have the login details
  5. How can I submit changes of address, contacts?
  6. Can I get permission to postpone my submission?
  7. Where do I find a detailed manual on IDEP 2020?
  8. Which data from your business accounts can you use for this survey?
  9. Are there any changes for my submission by Brexit?
  10. Where do I find the service codes?
  11. Where do I find the country codes list?
  12. I have not sold or purchased any international services. Why is my company selected for the survey?